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Sunday, 8 July 2012

CHALLENGE No 5: Nike British 10k Run

Challenge Number 5 was the British 10k Powered by Nike fuel, 

This challenge had 25,000 participants and an amazing atmosphere and even though I set of to do the race on my own I bumped in to some old friends which made the day more fun! thanks guys for letting me tag along :)

I woke up at 5am in the morning due to the fact the rain was hitting the window so heavily! I have taking part in this run before about 2 years and I was really excited about it so couldn't get back to sleep!

I decided to head of a bit early and the and was so surprised to see the train at 7.30 on Sunday morning so busy! 

After I had registered we made out way to the start line and the amount of people was crazy! Despite the rain so many people had turned up and everyone seemed very excited.  It took over 30 minutes to even reached the start line and before we did the fastest elite had already finished!

Just after I past the 9k mark I had some pains in my back and stopped for a moment at that point an amazing man came running past me and told me I could do it and he would run the rest of the way (the guy in my race time photo below) with me which he did, I really needed that last push so who ever you were.... thank you.

The run took me 1hr 6mins to complete and it was an amazing atmosphere  I would recommend this run and I can't wait to sign up for next years!

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Total raised to date £2622

Challenges completed to date

1. 26 Mile London Trek
2. 750m Eton Open Water Swim
3. 13,000ft Skydive
4. 60 (turned out to be 80) Mile Bike Ride
5. British 10k Run

Sunday, 24 June 2012

CHALLENGE No 4: Essex 60 mile Bike ride

I was really looking forward to this challenge but my sister and I were not best prepared for the challenge ahead.

It all started at about 7 in the morning when despite my gorgeous little nieces running around and crying because they could go bicycle riding on a Disney princess bike for 60 miles we were trying to get ready. the weather was looking pretty grim but we were both quite excited about today's event taking place.

Although I have been training in spinning classes I had not been on a bike for over a year as I didn't have one, in fact I didn't have one until a couple of house before the race as I had borrowed my brothers bike, not a great bike for road riding but a lot better than no bike at all.

My sister on the other hand had borrowed a bike from a friend and had not even sat on it, as she went to do so she realise that there was no way she could ride on it and after a trip to Halford which was of course closed due to it being every on a Sunday morning I made a seat for her out of leggings. tape and an asda bag lol, still undeterred we set off.

To start of with we felt great and even though soooooooooo many people overtook us we kept on going! About half way though Rebecca's bike lock up and through here down a ditch! I could believe it when she stood up unhurt! it looked nasty after a few minutes rest we carried on for about another 15 mile bring us to what we thought was one of the last bits of the journey there was a short cut but we wanted to prove to ourselves we could do it but then some how missed a sigh and we just carried on! (hence making it 80 miles!)

We both came back battered and bruise and so so tired but so proud of our selves for completing the ride EVEN THOUGH THE FINISH LINE HAD BEEN PACKED AWAY BY THE TIME WE GOT THERE!!!

I would like to say a massive thank you to my sister Rebecca Tyler for completing this tough challenge with me and over coming all the obstetrical in our and even though the SIGN COLLECTING VAN over took us about 2 miles from the end I am very proud of her for getting to the finish line with me, I am very proud of you xxx

Here are a couple of pictures of our day and if you would like to sponsor Rebecca of myself for this bike ride or any other challenge you can do so at


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Challenges completed to date

1. 26 Mile London Trek
2. 750m Eton Open Water Swim
3. 13,000ft Skydive
4. 60 (turned out to be 80) Mile Bike Ride

Friday, 15 June 2012

New sock monkeys for adoption

Each sock monkey cost £15 and ALL profits go to the charity Hope for Children

Here are a few pictures of some monkeys I already have ...

Go to,  email me @, or send me a Tweet  to find out more about me or how to get adopt your Challenge 30 Monkey

More monkeys can be made on request

Sarah x

Monday, 11 June 2012

CHALLENGE No 3 . Skydive

I have completed Challenge number 3 a 13,000ft skydive at Hinton Airfield!

Falling at 125mph for 10,000ft is an unreal feeling that I just cant explain but I would do it again in a heart beat!

5th June was the second time we had been to Hinton as the first date 20th May had been cancelled due to our normal British summer time and it was touch and go whether we would be able to jump this time, but luckily we got in to the last two planes to take off that day!

Myself alongside Kim Rance and Jack Williams from Clipso and the rest of my team Sam Varney, Steven Coles, Holly Worthington and Ross Hoyle were able to Jump 5th June 2012 unfortunately the rest of the team are still waiting for the weather to improve!

I cant say I felt nervous about skydiving even though I thought I would, I was just very excited!

If you would like to do a skydive to help Challenge 30 raise money for Hope for Children please CONTACT ME I would if I was you!!! I was amazing!

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Challenges completed to date

1. 26 Mile London Trek
2. 750m Eton Open Water Swim
3 13,000ft Skydive

Thursday, 31 May 2012


As part of my fundraising efforts to raise £10,000 for the Amazing charity Hope for Children I have been sewing away in my spare time (the little bit I have in between working full time, training and completing challenges lol)

I have been making these adorable Sock Monkeys ... and many more like them :)

If you would like to adopt one of the above monkeys or a monkey of your own choice (which I will do my hardest to find you can do so by either Emailing me directly at or visiting my eBay page each monkey cost a donation of £15 and yor money will help save the lives of children all over the world


Sunday, 27 May 2012

CHALLENGE No 2: 750m Eton Open Water Swim

Today I completed CHALLENGE NUMBER 2 of 30 a 750m Open water swim in Eton
SUNDAY 27th May 2012
TOTAL RAISED TO DATE £2000 please add to this one my JUSTGIVING PAGE and help me save lives

I was nervous about this challenge, although I can swim I am not a confident swimmer and panic a little when lots of people are swimming around me, so I decided to take it slowly swim at my own pace and just think about getting round!

It was a beautiful sunny Sunday and the water, although it took your breath away when you got in wasn't to cold to swim in!

I have never swan in a wetsuit before and to be honest didn't like the experience! as I entered the water the wet suit became very tight around my chest and took my breath away making it hard to swim!

It took me 24 minutes to get around the 750m circuit which although twice as long as the first person round I was very pleased with!

To take a look at all the photos take a look at the Facebook album CLICK HERE and whilst your there feel free to add me and follow the rest of my challenges :)

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Challenges completed to date

1. 26 Mile London Trek
2. 750m Eton Open Water Swim

Sunday, 13 May 2012

CHALLENGE No 1: 26 mile London Trek-a-thon

Challenge 30 has begun and i have sore feet! lol

Today I completed CHALLENGE NUMBER 1 of 30 a 26 mile trek around London
SUNDAY 13th May 2012
TOTAL RAISED TO DATE £1500 please add to this one my JUSTGIVING PAGE and help me save lives

Alison Catchpole and Jackie Argent completed this Trek with me in under 8 hours (including stopping time to eat and stretch!)

The Trek started in The Olympic village and ended up in Greenwich walking along a canal through Camden and past Buckingham Palace where the changing of the guards was taking place and along the Themes.

I thought that this would be one of the easier challenges and maybe it was! (in that case I'm scared about the rest!) I am not sure i have ever had blisters as big! poor feet!

This was an amazing Challenge, although I am in London a lot I tend to pop on to the tube pop up where I need to be and then disappear back underground again, it was great to see more of London! I discovered Little Venice! what a lovely place! cute little river boat cafĂ©'s that I will be visiting one day

To take a look at all the photos take a look at the Facebook album CLICK HERE and whilst your there feel free to add me and follow the rest of my challenges :)

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Challenges completed to date

1. 26 Mile London Trek

Thursday, 29 March 2012


Stylist at Clipso Watford is to Complete 30 Challenges at the Age of 30 to Raise Money for Charity

Challenge 30 is a project that Sarah Bishop a stylist from the Watford branch of Clipso (known as Tia to her colleges and clients) has set up to help raise money for a children’s charity named Hope for Children, she plans on raising a minimum of £10,000 to help save and enhance the lives of orphaned, poor and exploited children worldwide.

Sarah from Watford Hertfordshire is planning on completing 30 Challenges within one year starting 11th May 2012, her 30th birthday, including Skydiving, Abseiling, various Swims, a number of Runs including a Marathon, a Great Wall of China Trek, Bike Rides including cycling from London to Paris, Climbing Mountains such and Ben Nevis and Everest Base Camp and confronting her fear of needles by giving blood.  Take a look at Sarah’s full list of challenges on her website .

I can’t wait for challenge 30 to begin; it’s going to be a fantastic experience and the fact that I will be able to help so many children whilst doing all these amazing challenges is incredible” replied Sarah when asked about her thoughts on Challenge 30 “people have already been so generous with their donations, Hope are already doing such amazing job and I am really pleased that I can help them make a difference”.  Rachel Simkin, events manager for Hope for Children added “Sarah’s enthusiasm and energy to complete 30 challenges in a year to support Hope for Children is fantastic! The funds she is raising will make a very real difference to our projects and children”

If you wish to show your support for Sarah you can sponsor her through here Just Giving page 

For more information contact

Sarah Bishop

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Summer is coming!

Hello Everyone

The UK has been hot(ish) and Sunny for the first time this year! and doesn't it make everyone feel better!

What did you do today???

Myself? I have a massive spring clean! did about 300 loads of washing, re arranged all my draws and updated my blog! 

I am so excited about my up and coming challenges especially the skydive that is only a couple of months away! you can take a look at all 30 of my challenges here

Anyway just wanted to check in quicky!

Enjoy your week

Sarah xxx 

Monday, 20 February 2012

3 more spaces to skydive!!!!!

Good morning guys!
How are you this morning?

This is Just a really quick post on my way out the door to let you know 3 spaces have opened up to skydive with Challenge 30 Sunday 20th May 2012 in Northamptonshire

For more info check out the



Email me (

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Clipso sponsors Challenge 30 Abseil

Join The Charity Abseil with Clipso and Challenge 30 down the Harlequin in Watford
Sunday 12th August 2012

Clipso along with Challenge 30 have arranged an amazing event to raise money for the wonderful Charity HOPE FOR CHILDREN to help save the lives of orphaned, poor and exploited woman and children across the world.
The Registration fee is £20 and can be paid in the salon or online at

You will need to raise a minimum of £50 sponsorship for Hope for Children reg Charity number 1041258

Please ask Tia or any other member of the Clipso team for more information and about signing up.

If the abseil is not for you, you can sponsor your Clipso stylist whilst in the salon or online at

Monday, 30 January 2012

Abseil with Challenge 30 in Watford

Hey Guys!!

 How are you today??

CLICK HERE to sign up to the abseil

Here's a bit more info...

Abseil as part of Team Challenge 30 down the Harlequin shopping centre in Watford

Sign up fee is £20 but anyone that raises over £250 can apply for it back making it free!!!

There will be a fantastic prize for the biggest fund raiser too

and why not do it in fancy dress (I be you get sponsored more!!) there will also be a prize for the best fancy dress costume on the day

For more info drop me an email at

All money raised goes to the amazing charity Hope for children as part of Team Challenge 30

and here are the T&Cs

When you sign up to abseil you agree to raise a minimum of £50 sponsor money on top of the £20 you have already paid to register for the charity Hope for Children.

You are transferring the money to the paypal account of Challenge 30, this will pay for the abseil and is not sponsor money so will not go to the charity Hope for Children, this must be raise separately.

You have completed and submitted the form as well as making the payment with you details and are happy to receive further information about the abseil through post  or email.

You will use the sponsor form emailed to you to raise money or you can use the just giving page to raise your sponsorship

To be in for a chance of winning the prize for highest fundraiser you must use the sponsor forms provided and have collected the money or the just giving page and have your name mentioned on the donation.  Alternatively you may set up your own justgiving page but you MUST link it to

To be able to apple for your £20 signup fee back you must have raised £250 or more using the sponsor form provided and collecting in the money or use the just giving page and have your name mentioned on the donation to prove its for you. alternatively you may set up your own justgiving page but you MUST link it to

Even though you're a bit scared you can't wait to abseil!!!!! Its going to be GREAT see you there

So simply CLICK HERE to sign up!!!! what are you waiting for 

Challenge 30

Friday, 13 January 2012

My Hope interview

I was Recently interviewed for the Hope for Children
website, take a look and don't forget to check out 
the amazing work that Hope for children do with 
the link below 

HOPE is lucky to have some incredible fundraisers who work
exceptionally hard for the cause. Sarah Bishop is one such person.
She is aiming to complete 30 challenges, all to raise funds for
HOPE. People like Sarah don’t come around every day so we thought
we would conduct a question and answer session with her. Here is
what she had to say:

How did you come across HOPE?

I was looking for a charity that stood for all the things I believe in and
Hope does the most amazing work both in the UK and developing countries.

Why did you choose HOPE?

Hope really stood out for me with the work they do, I did some research in
to the charity and their projects which help poor orphaned and exploited
children all over the world and realised that it was also a local charity to me.
I think every child has the right to a decent start in life, the right to have
clean water, food in their bellies and education and to be safe with a roof
over their heads and more than anything they have the right to have hope
or a future.

Why are you doing 30 challenges?

I am doing 30 challenges as I turn 30 next year! And I thought it would be a
great way to mark the occasion and raise a massive amount or money for charity
at the same time, I have always loved doing things for a good cause and this time
I really wanted to push myself to the limit and I am sure 30 challenges will!!

What challenges are you doing and which are you most excited about/looking
forward to?

I am really excited about the skydive, I have always wanted to do one and
have convinced 34 mad people so far to jump out of the plane with me!
All to raise money for Hope for children
I also can’t wait to trek the Great Wall of China, I think it will be the most
amazing and challenging experience.
Here are a few of the challenges I am doing but if you want to see a full list
of booked challenges then have a look at my website:
A mud run, Skydive, Eton 750m open water lake swim, Windsor 1500m 
open water river swim, Great British 10k run, HSBC dualathon, London to Paris bike ride, Full kilomathon, Trek the great wall of China, Abseiling , Silverstone Half marathon, Everest base camp trek, Full Marathon, Blowdry-athon at Clipso hair and finally to Give Blood are some of them!

Which challenge is your biggest fear and why?

I am extremely needle-phobic so the most personal challenge to me will be to
give blood, It is something I have always wanted to do as I have a rare blood
group but I have never been able to as I could never ever even come close to
bringing myself to do it. I spoke to an amazing Lady called Linda who is a
Hypnotherapist who has a Harley Street clinic and she has offered her services
to help me overcome my fear free of charge to help me raise money for HOPE.
Wish me luck!!!!

You can follow Sarah’s progress by following her on twitter, liking her on
facebook and visiting her blog. Please do support her if you can.