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Monday, 30 January 2012

Abseil with Challenge 30 in Watford

Hey Guys!!

 How are you today??

CLICK HERE to sign up to the abseil

Here's a bit more info...

Abseil as part of Team Challenge 30 down the Harlequin shopping centre in Watford

Sign up fee is £20 but anyone that raises over £250 can apply for it back making it free!!!

There will be a fantastic prize for the biggest fund raiser too

and why not do it in fancy dress (I be you get sponsored more!!) there will also be a prize for the best fancy dress costume on the day

For more info drop me an email at

All money raised goes to the amazing charity Hope for children as part of Team Challenge 30

and here are the T&Cs

When you sign up to abseil you agree to raise a minimum of £50 sponsor money on top of the £20 you have already paid to register for the charity Hope for Children.

You are transferring the money to the paypal account of Challenge 30, this will pay for the abseil and is not sponsor money so will not go to the charity Hope for Children, this must be raise separately.

You have completed and submitted the form as well as making the payment with you details and are happy to receive further information about the abseil through post  or email.

You will use the sponsor form emailed to you to raise money or you can use the just giving page to raise your sponsorship

To be in for a chance of winning the prize for highest fundraiser you must use the sponsor forms provided and have collected the money or the just giving page and have your name mentioned on the donation.  Alternatively you may set up your own justgiving page but you MUST link it to

To be able to apple for your £20 signup fee back you must have raised £250 or more using the sponsor form provided and collecting in the money or use the just giving page and have your name mentioned on the donation to prove its for you. alternatively you may set up your own justgiving page but you MUST link it to

Even though you're a bit scared you can't wait to abseil!!!!! Its going to be GREAT see you there

So simply CLICK HERE to sign up!!!! what are you waiting for 

Challenge 30

Friday, 13 January 2012

My Hope interview

I was Recently interviewed for the Hope for Children
website, take a look and don't forget to check out 
the amazing work that Hope for children do with 
the link below 

HOPE is lucky to have some incredible fundraisers who work
exceptionally hard for the cause. Sarah Bishop is one such person.
She is aiming to complete 30 challenges, all to raise funds for
HOPE. People like Sarah don’t come around every day so we thought
we would conduct a question and answer session with her. Here is
what she had to say:

How did you come across HOPE?

I was looking for a charity that stood for all the things I believe in and
Hope does the most amazing work both in the UK and developing countries.

Why did you choose HOPE?

Hope really stood out for me with the work they do, I did some research in
to the charity and their projects which help poor orphaned and exploited
children all over the world and realised that it was also a local charity to me.
I think every child has the right to a decent start in life, the right to have
clean water, food in their bellies and education and to be safe with a roof
over their heads and more than anything they have the right to have hope
or a future.

Why are you doing 30 challenges?

I am doing 30 challenges as I turn 30 next year! And I thought it would be a
great way to mark the occasion and raise a massive amount or money for charity
at the same time, I have always loved doing things for a good cause and this time
I really wanted to push myself to the limit and I am sure 30 challenges will!!

What challenges are you doing and which are you most excited about/looking
forward to?

I am really excited about the skydive, I have always wanted to do one and
have convinced 34 mad people so far to jump out of the plane with me!
All to raise money for Hope for children
I also can’t wait to trek the Great Wall of China, I think it will be the most
amazing and challenging experience.
Here are a few of the challenges I am doing but if you want to see a full list
of booked challenges then have a look at my website:
A mud run, Skydive, Eton 750m open water lake swim, Windsor 1500m 
open water river swim, Great British 10k run, HSBC dualathon, London to Paris bike ride, Full kilomathon, Trek the great wall of China, Abseiling , Silverstone Half marathon, Everest base camp trek, Full Marathon, Blowdry-athon at Clipso hair and finally to Give Blood are some of them!

Which challenge is your biggest fear and why?

I am extremely needle-phobic so the most personal challenge to me will be to
give blood, It is something I have always wanted to do as I have a rare blood
group but I have never been able to as I could never ever even come close to
bringing myself to do it. I spoke to an amazing Lady called Linda who is a
Hypnotherapist who has a Harley Street clinic and she has offered her services
to help me overcome my fear free of charge to help me raise money for HOPE.
Wish me luck!!!!

You can follow Sarah’s progress by following her on twitter, liking her on
facebook and visiting her blog. Please do support her if you can.