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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Car boot Sale!!!

Hey Guys

Today has been a very busy day, I have been going a bit Facebook and Twitter crazy trying to raise as much support and awareness for Challenge 30 as I can!

Also today I have been sorting out all the boxes for stuff you guys have given me for my charity carboot sale! that took a while lol!!

at the moment my self and a friend Alice are looking to do a carboot sale in September in Bushey (the one behind Costco) but its only on if it doesn't rain, and lets face it... this is England!! but fingers crossed . I hope you can all come along and maybe pick up a bargain! There are also a few things I am not selling at the carboot sale and i have put on eBay you can click on each of the following or scroll down this blog to take a look!

Black Monsoon Dress
Samsung Photo Printer
Dior Sunglasses

Thank you so much for your support

Sarah xx


  1. Hello Sarah! You doing a good job. Whenever you need help for spreading in the social networks, tell me!

    my e-mail;

    Just send me a link,

    I wish to you Success and Peace

  2. Thanks Isha it would be great if you could spread the word xx