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Thursday, 8 September 2011

I am feeling very inspired right now!

Hello My Challenge 30 friends!

Thank you for following my blog, I really want to make this thing massive so please ask your friends to follow too!!??

I went to speak to Rachel from the charity Hope for Children yesterday and to meet the rest or the gang.  What an amazing place that is, a really small charity that makes sure all of the money donated to them goes straight to the children that need it and not through the government where it can get lost, its great to meet so many people that passionate about a great cause

The second part of my day yesterday took me to Harley street to meet a fantastic lady called Linda who has agreed to help me with my biggest challenge that I have thought of so far ... to give blood!!! now I know to some of you this wouldn't sound half as frighting as to jump 10000ft out of a plane or as hard as walking all the steps involved in walking the Great wall of China! but to me its my biggest fear and not a fear a phobia!  Linda is a hypnotherapist and she said she thinks she will be able to help me get over it and I have every faith in her.

So hence why I am feeling very inspired right now!!

Thanks for reading my blog guys

Love Sarah 


  1. Hi Sara,
    I am also feeling inspired. I came upon your blog by searching "I am inspired. Now what?" I want to make a differance. I live in a small community where help is greatly needed. I have recently graduated with my BA in Health Administration and my sole purpose of that is not to run a hospital or nursing home, but to run a non for profit organization focused on helping the under privilaged members of my community. However; that being said, I am one of those under privilaged members and have had to use my community resources to make it through hard times. I am still struggling with finances and don't know how else to help. The volunteers are on a waiting list making it difficult for me to even do that. I am currently unemployed and cannot afford to stay that way so I thought that while looking for employment I could make a differance and that may open up doors for me. However, even though I am offering to volunteer some of my time, it seems as though I am not really needed. Where do I go from here? Thanks for listening.
    Brandy S.

  2. Hey Brandy, Thank you for reading my Blog, Keep going and be strong what you want to do sounds amazing!

    Please keep following and keep in touch it would be great to know how it all goes xx