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Sunday, 27 May 2012

CHALLENGE No 2: 750m Eton Open Water Swim

Today I completed CHALLENGE NUMBER 2 of 30 a 750m Open water swim in Eton
SUNDAY 27th May 2012
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I was nervous about this challenge, although I can swim I am not a confident swimmer and panic a little when lots of people are swimming around me, so I decided to take it slowly swim at my own pace and just think about getting round!

It was a beautiful sunny Sunday and the water, although it took your breath away when you got in wasn't to cold to swim in!

I have never swan in a wetsuit before and to be honest didn't like the experience! as I entered the water the wet suit became very tight around my chest and took my breath away making it hard to swim!

It took me 24 minutes to get around the 750m circuit which although twice as long as the first person round I was very pleased with!

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Challenges completed to date

1. 26 Mile London Trek
2. 750m Eton Open Water Swim

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