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Monday, 11 June 2012

CHALLENGE No 3 . Skydive

I have completed Challenge number 3 a 13,000ft skydive at Hinton Airfield!

Falling at 125mph for 10,000ft is an unreal feeling that I just cant explain but I would do it again in a heart beat!

5th June was the second time we had been to Hinton as the first date 20th May had been cancelled due to our normal British summer time and it was touch and go whether we would be able to jump this time, but luckily we got in to the last two planes to take off that day!

Myself alongside Kim Rance and Jack Williams from Clipso and the rest of my team Sam Varney, Steven Coles, Holly Worthington and Ross Hoyle were able to Jump 5th June 2012 unfortunately the rest of the team are still waiting for the weather to improve!

I cant say I felt nervous about skydiving even though I thought I would, I was just very excited!

If you would like to do a skydive to help Challenge 30 raise money for Hope for Children please CONTACT ME I would if I was you!!! I was amazing!

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Challenges completed to date

1. 26 Mile London Trek
2. 750m Eton Open Water Swim
3 13,000ft Skydive

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