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Sunday, 24 June 2012

CHALLENGE No 4: Essex 60 mile Bike ride

I was really looking forward to this challenge but my sister and I were not best prepared for the challenge ahead.

It all started at about 7 in the morning when despite my gorgeous little nieces running around and crying because they could go bicycle riding on a Disney princess bike for 60 miles we were trying to get ready. the weather was looking pretty grim but we were both quite excited about today's event taking place.

Although I have been training in spinning classes I had not been on a bike for over a year as I didn't have one, in fact I didn't have one until a couple of house before the race as I had borrowed my brothers bike, not a great bike for road riding but a lot better than no bike at all.

My sister on the other hand had borrowed a bike from a friend and had not even sat on it, as she went to do so she realise that there was no way she could ride on it and after a trip to Halford which was of course closed due to it being every on a Sunday morning I made a seat for her out of leggings. tape and an asda bag lol, still undeterred we set off.

To start of with we felt great and even though soooooooooo many people overtook us we kept on going! About half way though Rebecca's bike lock up and through here down a ditch! I could believe it when she stood up unhurt! it looked nasty after a few minutes rest we carried on for about another 15 mile bring us to what we thought was one of the last bits of the journey there was a short cut but we wanted to prove to ourselves we could do it but then some how missed a sigh and we just carried on! (hence making it 80 miles!)

We both came back battered and bruise and so so tired but so proud of our selves for completing the ride EVEN THOUGH THE FINISH LINE HAD BEEN PACKED AWAY BY THE TIME WE GOT THERE!!!

I would like to say a massive thank you to my sister Rebecca Tyler for completing this tough challenge with me and over coming all the obstetrical in our and even though the SIGN COLLECTING VAN over took us about 2 miles from the end I am very proud of her for getting to the finish line with me, I am very proud of you xxx

Here are a couple of pictures of our day and if you would like to sponsor Rebecca of myself for this bike ride or any other challenge you can do so at


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2. 750m Eton Open Water Swim
3. 13,000ft Skydive
4. 60 (turned out to be 80) Mile Bike Ride

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