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Sunday, 8 July 2012

CHALLENGE No 5: Nike British 10k Run

Challenge Number 5 was the British 10k Powered by Nike fuel, 

This challenge had 25,000 participants and an amazing atmosphere and even though I set of to do the race on my own I bumped in to some old friends which made the day more fun! thanks guys for letting me tag along :)

I woke up at 5am in the morning due to the fact the rain was hitting the window so heavily! I have taking part in this run before about 2 years and I was really excited about it so couldn't get back to sleep!

I decided to head of a bit early and the and was so surprised to see the train at 7.30 on Sunday morning so busy! 

After I had registered we made out way to the start line and the amount of people was crazy! Despite the rain so many people had turned up and everyone seemed very excited.  It took over 30 minutes to even reached the start line and before we did the fastest elite had already finished!

Just after I past the 9k mark I had some pains in my back and stopped for a moment at that point an amazing man came running past me and told me I could do it and he would run the rest of the way (the guy in my race time photo below) with me which he did, I really needed that last push so who ever you were.... thank you.

The run took me 1hr 6mins to complete and it was an amazing atmosphere  I would recommend this run and I can't wait to sign up for next years!

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Total raised to date £2622

Challenges completed to date

1. 26 Mile London Trek
2. 750m Eton Open Water Swim
3. 13,000ft Skydive
4. 60 (turned out to be 80) Mile Bike Ride
5. British 10k Run

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